Veterinary Assistant

Hailing from New York State, Veterinary Assistant Tyler Barry has worked hard to get to the place he finds themself now. He found that he loved animals more than life itself in the media he consumed as a child, all the way up until he was rescuing animals on their own time. From loving Finding Nemo and Happy Feet at 8 to rescuing frogs and lizards from situations they could not help themselves in at 15, Tyler has grown immensely and has dedicated a major part of their life to the well-being of animals.

Tyler has been in and out of schooling towards a Veterinary Career since he was seventeen. He has found many loves within the career and the list has grown to become rather long with how much they have been exposed to as they grew within the career. Tyler’s most dedicated parts of his role within Veterinary Medicine have become euthanasia, lab-work and incoming emergencies. He has found a love for those who are especially in dire need, wishing to help them in every way that he can.

Tyler not only dedicates his work time to animals, but also spends a lot of outside time with them with his cat, Laika, and dog, Prince. Tyler finds that he enjoys using his free time to write – known to be a published author and favorable book reader. Not only that, but he enjoys acting on the side when time finds itself in their life!