Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Lexie S grew up in Massachusetts, but attended school in St. Petersburg, Florida where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies with a focus in Psychology. Most recently, she earned a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior through UW Seattle. Environmental issues, wildlife, and the wilderness were always a driving force that eventually led her to take a job at Northwest Trek. The hour – long drive leading to days spent educating the public about various native predators was proof that moving across the country was worthwhile. Exactly a year into this new role however, the Covid -19 pandemic struck the nation causing devastating loss to millions of citizens. As a result, Swan was furloughed from Trek and forced to make big changes.

“Well, I never gave veterinary medicine a try” thought Lexie, and so began a new experience as a veterinary assistant. Her current coworkers are like family and she is enjoying gaining new skills like placing catheters and drawing blood. “But something is missing”, she thinks. Her true passions still lie within the environment and wildlife. As the ocean is nearing an increase of 1° Celsius, single – use plastics continue to be in mass production, and more and more species become endangered, Swan feels she is destined for a larger positive impact working towards solutions to these issues.

Carrying what she’s learned from veterinary medicine, Swan hopes to become more involved in field work, data collection for studies pertaining to animal behavior and wildlife rehabilitation. In the meantime, she plans to live on organic farms working through wwoof.usa and care for her beloved one-eyed cat named Plummy.