Licensed Veterinary Technician

As a native of the Puget Sound area growing up near a small Bay, I enjoyed wildlife and the companionship of our family shelties and cats. One event that shaped my interest in veterinary medicine occurred when I was 7 yrs old. Our family purchased a young sheltie puppy from a breeder. She became seriously ill from a parasitic infection, within four days. My mom dropped her off to be cared for, but our local clinic that had only one vet and the puppy was not seen for several hours and was euthanized that evening. This shaped my desire to help animals, and taught our family a valuable lesson: to have new pets thoroughly examined by a veterinarian when they join our home.

After attending Pierce College Veterinary Technician program, I began working at ACAH as a licensed technician in October 2014. I am passionate about helping pets and communicating with their owners. I especially enjoy doing tech appointments and getting to know individual pets. I have a sheltie, tabby cat, a Sphinx kitty and two corn snakes.

When I’m not at ACAH, I enjoy gardening in our family food forest, painting, woodworking and spending time with my husband and our three children.