Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kaitlyn grew up in the Puget Sound area. She has always had a passion for all animals, especially horses and small exotic pets. She began working as a veterinary assistant as her first job in 2007 and began pursuing her education in biology and veterinary medicine shortly after. Kaitlyn then graduated from Pierce College and received her Veterinary Technology license in 2012 and began working full time as a LVT. Kaitlyn has a particular interest in radiology and diagnostic imaging, and the ways that veterinary medicine can utilize these technologies to further improve the level of care that can be offered to her patients.

Kaitlyn enjoys spending time around and riding horses as often as possible and enjoys kayaking and hiking in the woods. Kaitlyn currently resides in Bremerton, Wa with her chinchillas; Icicle and Chilly Bean, and three cats; Leilani, Kioni and Scraps.