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Proactive Approach

Preventative or general wellness care means a proactive approach to medicine. Ideally, problems are caught before they become more serious – and more expensive – and it frees you and your pet to spend your time doing what you really want to do: enjoy each other’s company and unconditional love.

Care for All Stages

At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we cherish the opportunity we have to nourish and care for pets over the course of a lifetime. We pamper our puppy and kitten patients, adore our adults, and celebrate our seniors. And because we understand that needs change with age, we tailor our treatment plans to best meet your pets where they are on their journey.

What To Expect

Your pet’s comprehensive physical examination will include some or all of the following:

Temperature and weight

Eyes, ears, and mouth

Heart and lungs

Abdomen and skin

Bones and joints

Teeth/Dental health

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