Itchy Skin in Dogs, Cats, and Pocket Pets

During the spring, your allergies may flare, and this season can trigger your pet’s allergies as well. While your allergies affect your respiratory tract, your pet’s allergic response manifests as a skin condition, causing them to itch, scratch, and chew. However, allergies aren’t the only reasons pets itch. Our All Creatures Animal Hospital team explains [...]

Are Wellness Screenings Worthwhile for Pets?

Most young and middle-aged adult pets visit their veterinarian less often, because these pets usually have fewer health issues than their puppy, kitten, or senior counterparts. Overlooking your pet’s annual veterinary visit, or declining wellness screening tests, is easy when your pet appears healthy on the outside. Why spend money on these tests when your [...]

How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Although they may think their homes are relatively safe for their pets, many pet owners are unaware of the common home hazards their furry pals encounter every day. Read our All Creatures Animal Hospital team’s pet-proofing tips to learn how to keep your pet safe at home.   Put away electrical cords your pet could chew [...]

How to Care for the Unusual: Exotic Pet Care Guidelines

Exotic pets are unique creatures with an exceptional draw. Bringing snakes, lizards, birds, sugar gliders, ferrets, and other unusual pets into your home and learning how to care for them and develop relationships can be an exciting adventure, but understanding how to help these pets thrive requires some basic knowledge before you own one. Not [...]

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

Up to 85% of pets have dental disease by age 3, and this serious condition often takes root in small breeds and flat-faced pets even earlier. Fortunately, you can combat your pet’s plaque, tartar, and dental disease development in many excellent ways. Here are five actions that will improve your pet’s dental health. #1: Examine [...]

7 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Although snow cover can create beautiful scenery, winter’s cold temperatures can pose many dangers to your pet. Pet owners often feel their pet is less susceptible to cold because they are covered in fur, but an animal’s fur coat often provides little protection against winter’s weather conditions. Exotic pets accustomed to tropical or subtropical climates [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Vaccines

Vaccines are an essential aspect of your pet’s veterinary care. Your pet’s vaccines provide immunity against common infectious—often deadly—diseases, and reduce your risk of contracting a zoonotic disease (i.e., an infectious disease that animals can transmit to humans). Follow our All Creatures Animal Hospital team’s guide to learn which diseases vaccines prevent your pet from [...]

Wellness Screening for Pets: What Is It, and Why Is It So Important?

During your pet’s wellness visit, our All Creatures Animal Hospital veterinarian performs many essential preventive-care tasks designed to keep your furry pal happy and healthy for years to come. Regular wellness screenings are the cornerstone of these visits, and should not be skipped, no matter how healthy your pet seems to you. To highlight the [...]

The Problem with Pee: Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

One of the most common complaints heard from cat owners is that their pet is urinating inappropriately. Unfortunately, cats can develop a wide variety of urinary tract issues that lead them to seek other elimination spots, or to experience problems while urinating. The multitude of urinary issues that develop in the lower urinary tract (i.e., [...]

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