Celebrating the Holidays With Your Pet

Including your four-legged family member in your holiday celebrations makes the season more special. Our All Creatures Animal Hospital team is here to help with suggestions for fun activities you and your pet can enjoy during the holiday season. Hang a Christmas stocking for your pet When you hang your stockings by the chimney with [...]

21 Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Parents

This time of year is filled with activities and events that put you in the holiday spirit, and the last thing you want is a trip to the veterinary emergency hospital. Our All Creatures Animal Hospital team wants to help ensure a sick pet does not spoil your holiday cheer by providing tips to keep [...]

5 Guidelines to Assessing Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

As your pet ages, you probably do not want to think about their life coming to an end. However, knowing what signs to watch for can ease the inevitable, since you know your senior pet is telling you it’s time. Although remaining objective when assessing your senior pet’s quality of life (QOL) can be challenging, [...]

Anesthesia Safety 101 for Pet Owners

We understand your concerns when your pet requires an anesthetic procedure. You likely have many questions about your pet’s health risks before, during, and after anesthesia, and our All Creatures Animal Hospital team wants to put your mind at ease by describing the steps we take to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Which pets [...]

10 Tips To Protect Your Pet From Parasites

When you cuddle up to your pet, you may be snuggling more than you bargained for. You may be unaware that your furry pal is harboring internal and external parasites. Fortunately, you can prevent your pet from hosting fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, and heartworms. Read our All Creatures Animal Hospital team’s 10 tips to protect [...]

4 Items Pet Owners Are Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about gratitude—for our friends, family, and pets. Before this busy holiday arrives, you will be thankful you considered your pet’s safety before the festivities are in full swing, and you will be grateful to have the necessary pet-protection items. Read our All Creatures Animal Hospital team’s list of four pet-safety items to be [...]

7 Heat Safety Tips for Pets

Heading outside to enjoy the summer sunshine with your furry pal is the best. However, if your pet has too much fun in the sun, heat, or humidity, they can become miserable, and at risk for heatstroke—a potentially deadly condition. The temperature does not have to be sweltering to be hazardous to your pet, as [...]

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