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How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Although they may think their homes are relatively safe for their pets, many pet owners are unaware of the common home hazards their furry pals encounter every day. Read our All Creatures Animal Hospital team’s pet-proofing tips to learn how to keep your pet safe at home.   Put away electrical cords your pet could chew [...]

How to Care for the Unusual: Exotic Pet Care Guidelines

Exotic pets are unique creatures with an exceptional draw. Bringing snakes, lizards, birds, sugar gliders, ferrets, and other unusual pets into your home and learning how to care for them and develop relationships can be an exciting adventure, but understanding how to help these pets thrive requires some basic knowledge before you own one. Not [...]

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

Up to 85% of pets have dental disease by age 3, and this serious condition often takes root in small breeds and flat-faced pets even earlier. Fortunately, you can combat your pet’s plaque, tartar, and dental disease development in many excellent ways. Here are five actions that will improve your pet’s dental health. #1: Examine [...]

7 Ideas for a Pet New Year’s Resolution

When the new year rolls around, you may think about improving your life during the upcoming 12 months. You may choose to formalize these goals into a New Year’s resolution. This year, consider doing the same for your pet. As we head into 2023, think about how you could improve your pet’s life, and set [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Vaccines

Vaccines are an essential aspect of your pet’s veterinary care. Your pet’s vaccines provide immunity against common infectious—often deadly—diseases, and reduce your risk of contracting a zoonotic disease (i.e., an infectious disease that animals can transmit to humans). Follow our All Creatures Animal Hospital team’s guide to learn which diseases vaccines prevent your pet from [...]

The Problem with Pee: Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

One of the most common complaints heard from cat owners is that their pet is urinating inappropriately. Unfortunately, cats can develop a wide variety of urinary tract issues that lead them to seek other elimination spots, or to experience problems while urinating. The multitude of urinary issues that develop in the lower urinary tract (i.e., [...]

4 Items Pet Owners Are Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about gratitude—for our friends, family, and pets. Before this busy holiday arrives, you will be thankful you considered your pet’s safety before the festivities are in full swing, and you will be grateful to have the necessary pet-protection items. Read our All Creatures Animal Hospital team’s list of four pet-safety items to be [...]

7 Heat Safety Tips for Pets

Heading outside to enjoy the summer sunshine with your furry pal is the best. However, if your pet has too much fun in the sun, heat, or humidity, they can become miserable, and at risk for heatstroke—a potentially deadly condition. The temperature does not have to be sweltering to be hazardous to your pet, as [...]

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