Appointments Available during the COVID 19 outbreak

In an effort to assist in the care of your loved ones and continue to create the safest environment for both our treatment team and we would like to update you with the latest information from All Creatures.

We are continuing in the treatment of all urgent medical issues for your pets.

Our regular Examinations are limited to:

Exams that are needed to renew medications

Puppies and Kitten examinations so that vaccines may be start to protect them from diseases.

 Update rabies and DHLPP/DHPP.Lepto vaccines to prevent a gap in protection.

If none of the above criteria apply, we are able to schedule an appointment for you, however we are asking that you wait until late April to do so.

Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians are here to provide immediate care for:

 Puppy or Kitten series vaccines

 Rabies and DHLPP/DHPP/LEPTO  vaccinations to prevent gap in disease protection,

 Nail trims that are growing into paw pads

 Anal Gland Expressions that are medically needed

 Injections that are medically necessary.

We are still performing all medically necessary surgeries.  At this time we are continuing to schedule Dental procedures that are medically necessary.  Normal dental cleanings will not be scheduled until after the governor has determined.  Spays and Neuters for all animals are considered medically necessary at this time.  We will continue to do these procedures as determined by our Veterinarians.

 We will continue to keep you updated as information changes.

 As always thank you for your continued understanding and support. 

Please stay safe and healthy,

 Dr. James Little and the entire All Creatures Team

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