7 Ideas for a Pet New Year’s Resolution

When the new year rolls around, you may think about improving your life during the upcoming 12 months. You may choose to formalize these goals into a New Year’s resolution. This year, consider doing the same for your pet. As we head into 2023, think about how you could improve your pet’s life, and set a resolution to work toward that goal. Read our All Creatures Animal Hospital team’s pet-centric New Year’s resolution ideas, and choose the best goal for your four-legged friend.

#1: Visit the veterinarian more often

Routine examinations are the best way your veterinarian can gain vital information about your pet’s internal and external health, regardless of whether they are exhibiting illness signs. Most pets’ conditions sneak up over time, but by performing their routine wellness visits, your veterinarian can detect these problems early, before they become more severe. During a wellness visit, your veterinarian will also check for parasites, and discuss vaccinations, nutrition, weight, behavior, and any additional concerns you may have about your pet. Adult dogs and cats should visit All Creatures Animal Hospital once per year, while senior and exotic pets should visit at least twice per year.

#2: Exercise more with your pet

Exercise promotes a healthy weight and muscle and joint health, and provides an outlet for your pet to expend excess energy. Exercise also keeps your pet mentally engaged, in addition to keeping you active, experiencing the same benefits as your pet. Walking your dog regularly provides them the exercise and mental stimulation they need, but playing in your yard is another good option. Smaller pets can run and play indoors to get their exercise. Aim to establish your pet’s daily exercise habit in 2023.

#3: Make new pet friends

Socialization is important for dogs, and those who enjoy the company of other dogs may benefit from making more doggie friends this year. A dog park is suitable only if your pet responds appropriately to voice commands off-leash. A safer option is a daycare service, which should evaluate your pet, and place them with a group of other like-minded, vaccinated, fecal-tested dogs for a supervised play session. You can also meet up with a friend’s trusted dog for a playdate in a fenced yard.

#4: Teach your pet new tricks

All pet species benefit from training sessions, which can correct problem behaviors and teach basic and advanced commands, and simply to learn fun, new tricks. Clicker training is a great way to bond with your pet and make training fun. Any pet species, including exotics, can be trained through the clicker method. Training busts boredom, and keeps your pet’s brain active, making this an ideal activity for any age pet. Visit the Karen Pryor Clicker Training website to learn more, and get started with this method.

#5: Ditch your pet’s parasites

Parasites, such as fleas and ticks, can transmit serious diseases, and heartworms can be deadly. If you’ve been less than consistent with your pet’s preventive routine, 2023 is the year to commit to a monthly regimen. New preventive medications are always being developed, and your pet may have more options than you previously thought. Check with your veterinarian to determine the best products for you and your pet.

#6: Spend more time with your pet

The human-animal bond is sacred, and spending time with your pet helps you build and maintain this bond. Set aside time each day to do an activity your pet enjoys, which could be playing, training, grooming, petting, or cuddling. Deepening this bond produces feel-good hormones, which enhance your pet’s and your physical and mental health. 

#7: Upgrade your pet’s space

If your dog’s or cat’s bed is squashed, your bird’s toys are beaten up, or your rabbit has outgrown their hutch, consider a pet home makeover this year. Exotic pets may benefit from more spacious enclosures and new, exciting accessories. Dogs and cats love getting new fluffy beds. If you have an indoor cat, consider adding a cat tree, hammock, or wall shelves and catwalks to increase their interest and vertical space.

Setting a New Year’s resolution can be a fun way to reach a health goal, which is a win-win for you and your pet. For additional recommendations and guidance on choosing a resolution that will benefit your pet’s health, or to schedule a wellness visit with our All Creatures Animal Hospital team, reach out to us.

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